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The 24th Munich Optical Exhibition, which is also mentioned Laser Photonics 2019, was held from June 24 to 27 in Munich 2019, Germany. Laser Photonics 2019 is the world's most important event in Munich, from all over Europe, America, Asia gathered with the professional suppliers and purchasers, as one of the world's most important photoelectric trade event, photoelectric exhibition in Munich is the only one covers all categories of photoelectron industry, show the most cutting-edge technology professional optoelectronic exposition. It has been founded for 82 years since 1937.More than 1,290 exhibitors from 42 countries participated in the 2019 Munich optoelectronics exhibition, covering an area of 550,000 square meters. The exhibition area includes nearly all optoelectronic products, including laser and optoelectronics, optics and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technology, imaging, machine vision, detection and quality control (including infrared technology and applied products). Only professional visitors are allowed to visit the exhibition, which is aimed at research institutions, high-tech companies, laser and optoelectronics companies, physicists, chemists, engineers, system developers and service providers in the industry. The exhibition provides an excellent platform for many manufacturers, buyers, traders and investors to cooperate and exchange technologies, and opens up a channel between advanced science and technology and real productivity. EGCM, as one of the leading companies of sapphire equipment and sapphire manufacturing in Asia, has won high praise from many customers in the exhibition due to its outstanding high quality sapphire crystal production capacity and processing ability to meet the customized requirements of various optical customers. EGCM as a well-known domestic sapphire brand manufacturers, is gradually recognized by foreign customers. Munich optoelectronics fair every two years, EGCM for the first time to participate in the Laser Photonic 2019. In this time, because our booth area is limited, the sapphire material that this emphasizes place is exhibited: Sapphire optics window pieces; 4鈥?/ 6 鈥? 8 鈥?sapphire LED substrate wafer; Sapphire thin tube for industry and medical using; Sapphire mobile phone cover plate; Sapphire lens protection cover. In particular, it is worth mentioning that many foreign customers on EGCM鈥檚 large size sapphire crystal production capacity, to meet the needs of different customers finishing ability. EGCM , we are dedicated and professional!

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